Our best laid plans

The rise in popularity of Kombucha, and distinctive taste, has captivated many consumers keen to tackle their own health naturally, without medical interventions.


We have identified that UK society is needful of this type of nutrition.
Kombucha is widely accepted in North America as a good alcohol substitute and used by consumers hopeful of anti-inflammatory benefits. During crisis; celebrating time together with Kombucha might provide health and wellbeing benefits beyond simple alcohol reduction.


Metabolic conversion of tea constituents during fermentation by the microbial enzymes may also increase the antioxidant profile, compared to black or green tea prior to fermentation.

Existing research suggests that Kombucha consumption may help elevate or prevent several chronic diseases.

Consumer eating habits are changing, particularly in the light of the current pandemic. Western "sterile" diets are linked to a rising incidence of chronic disease and inefficient responses to community immune challenges. Functional foods are whole foods or fortified, enriched, or enhanced products which have a potentially beneficial effect on health when consumed as part of a varied diet on a regular basis. Fermented foods have attracted growing interest as they can colonise the gut microflora, that has been attributed to overall wellness and health.

Substantiation of these beneficial properties and health-promoting compounds requires further investigation and targeted product R&D development. These benefits will accrue to society (including communities, families and individuals) if they confirm changed dietary habits can be protective against immune dysfunction.

The crisis has moved an extra 13% of food sales online and presents a time-limited opportunity for our Company to supply direct and improve lovely people's tea life. 

Stay safe at home and work.  Boil to brew!

LOVE Mark, Alana, Cathy, Debs and Marc


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