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SoleCup - Reusable Cup & Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

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SoleCups Reusable Cup & Tea Infuser

The Tea Infuser has been designed for loose leaf teas, so you can have all the luxury of proper tea on the go. If you detach the loose tea infuser you can also use it as a resuable coffee cup.  

Small cup holds 340ml (12 Oz).The small cup is with a silicone band.

Large Cup holds 530ml (18 Oz). The large cup is with a cork band.

great colours available: Teal, Black, Pastel and Pink.

The SoleCup has a recyclable silicone grip band and is made from durable borosilicate glass to maintain the natural tea flavour and a premium drinking experience. The press-close splash-proof lid meaning no drips or sticky cups.

SoleCups are dishwasher safe but we recommend removing the band, and it’s microwave safe as long as you remove the lid.

Create your own SoleCup & Tea Bundle. 10% off any of our Blighty Brew Loose Leaf Organic Tea with the purchase of a SoleCup (discount code “teaplease”).