What's in the Blighty Booch Bottle?

Our award-winning organic kombucha is small batch brewed in Conwy, Wales. We will never add artificial sweetners, force carbonate with added CO2, pasteurise or otherwise mess with our kombucha. Our continuous goal is to make the best naturally fermented organic tea possible, full of living goodness delivered fresh to you. Keep chilled!

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Kombucha as it is and should always be.

If you’re looking to bring more joy and health to your life, our Kombucha is sure to do the trick. Made from the finest organic ingredients and carefully crafted to create a delicious flavour, Blighty Booch Kombucha is perfect for any occasion. 

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  • Bottle of Blighty Booch Organic Original Kombucha on a Blue background

    "Refreshingly tangy with a good balance of sweetness and warming note of ginger"

    - BBC good food

  • Bottle of Blighty Booch Cherry Kombucha on a Magenta background

    "it is no wonder Blighty Booch is a top favourite"

    - Country & Townhouse

  • Bottle of Blighty Booch Organic Ginger Kombucha on a Yellow background

    "a light, fruity beverage with delicious effervescance and warming notes of ginger."

    - olive magazine

  • Bottle of Blighty Booch Nettle & Rosehip Kombucha on a Red background

    "That's Delicious!"

    - Cerys Matthews