Kombucha – brimming with life

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One of the reasons we’re so excited about kombucha (making it, and drinking it) is that it’s packed with friendly bacteria and bioactive compounds.

In fact, bacteria and yeast (in the form of a SCOBY) are responsible for transforming sweet black tea, into naturally sparkling, tangy kombucha.

We make our authentic kombucha the traditional way, in small batches and free from artificial flavours and sweetners.

Researchers at Aberystwyth University have found that our kombucha is also high in natural vitamin C and glucuronic acid.

Oh, and it tastes great too. But don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself. You can choose from 4 delicious flavours: Organic Original, Organic Ginger, Cherry, and Nettle and Rosehip.

Iechyd Da! Good Health!

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