Kombucha Mojito

Bramley elderflower blighty Booch kombucha

Kombucha Mojito recipe from Mark Diacono in The Guardian! Click photo for link. 

Hans and Gaby’s mojito
My friends Hans and Gaby Wieland, smallholders at Neantóg Farm in Ireland, magnified my embryonic interest in fermentation with their creative, imaginative approach, and this drink was invented in their honour. Make your own kombucha or use one of the many brands now out there – Blighty Booch is my favourite, and their bramley apple and elderflower kombucha would be perfect here.

1 lime, juiced and peeled
1 good handful of mint
50ml white rum
90ml kombucha 

Put the lime juice and peel and the mint in a bowl, then lightly pound the leaves with the end of a rolling pin to extract scent and flavour (this is known in the cocktail trade as “muddling”). Lift out the lime skins, then squeeze them into the bowl to extract as much of the juices as possible.

Half-fill a tall glass with crushed ice, pour in the contents of the lime bowl, the rum and the kombucha, then stir and sip at your leisure.







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