A massive SCOBY in our boochery.

SCOBY Myths Busted

Brewing Kombucha is a lot of fun and super easy to do at home. With our Blighty Baby Organic Kombucha SCOBY Starter you have a sweet little pet of your own that also happens to provide you with delicious fermented probiotic tea!

We want to reassure you that it is a super easy process. If you get overwhelmed though, don’t panic. Take a deep breathe, send us a message and sing your Blighty Baby a comforting lullaby. We recommend anything from Pet Sounds but whatever you prefer 😁

Here are a few myths that we have heard:

You don’t need starter fluid just a SCOBY. Nope. The starter fluid is very important and contains lots of active yeast. Use at least 10% starter fluid on each brew. 

Dark gloopy bits are bad. Nope. These are actually just super concentrated yeast strands and perfectly natural. You may want to filter them out of you drinking booch but go ahead and leave them in the fermenting batch. 

If a SCOBY sinks it’s dead. Huh? A fresh SCOBY always forms on the top of the brew. The older SCOBY may sink down - it’s ok! So will you if you turn on your side in a pool...

If you get a strange growth or smell on your SCOBY just scrape it off. Sorry. Best to discard and start fresh. Luckily in our experience this rarely happens as the natural pH of kombucha is prohibitive to pathogen (bad bacteria) growth. 

You can make kombucha with artificial sweeteners. Nope. One of the key ingredients for fermentation to occur is sugar. It is a necessary part of the process. If you see a commercial kombucha without sugar that raises some serious alarm bells for us about its authenticity. 

Put your SCOBY in the fridge between brews. Please don’t. SCOBYs like to be at room temperature. If you want to take a little break from brewing leave it at room temperature in a nice clean jar (with breathable cover) in plenty of sweet tea. Just top the tea up periodically to keep it fed and hydrated until you are ready to brew again. A well cared for SCOBY can live for years and years. 

If you have any more questions also feel free to leave a comment below. Happy Brewing! 


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