World Kombucha Day!

World Kombucha Day!

We haven't just made this up. Considering there is a "day" for just about everything, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there is a day dedicated to celebrating kombucha. Well, this is one that we are happy to raise a glass to. Iechyd da!

So what is kombucha? The short answer is fermented tea.

It can get a bit complicated after that though as there are a lot of inferior products available claiming to be kombucha.

Some things to consider when buying kombucha:

Keep it cool.

Always buy kombucha which needs to be refrigerated. Living kombucha will continue to ferment. It is fine out of the fridge for a few days (will ferment a bit further and may taste a bit more sour), but long-term if it doesn't require refrigeration, then it has been pasteurised and there isn't any living probiotic, bacteria or yeasts present.

No Sugar = Impossible.

If you are interested in real fermentation, sugar is a required part of the process. Additionally, artificial sweeteners have been shown to have a negative effect on the gut biome which kinda defeats one of the big pluses of kombucha (email us if you want the link to the medical study). So yes, kombucha contains sugar. The good news is that when properly fermented, the sugar in kombucha is actually converted to fructose.

Natural carbonation.

Another by-product of fermentation is CO2. The natural carbonation of kombucha is light and effervescent. We don't see the point to force-carbonating when nature does it so beautifully. A lot of commercial kombucha's force-carbonate for a more homogenous product, but hey, we're not in that game - we are interested in a finer artisan kombucha that can't be beat on taste.

Of course, Blighty Booch Kombucha meets all of these points. There are more reasons to love kombucha than this, I literally could bang on about it all day! But I think my glass of delicious Booch is calling me now and I'm going to indulge that urge.

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